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Mr. Niranj Sangal talks about creating a seamless experience and the disruption of the payment industry

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Our CEO, Mr. Niranj Sangal talks about how important are payments while creating a seamless experience and the disruptors of the payment industry

posted Jun 25, 2018 by Sanjay Rawat

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What recent developments have had the highest influence within digital payments sector?

Mobile technology has opened up new and innovative possibilities for instance digital banking, e-wallets, etc. and will continue to do so in the longer run considering it is the medium today where consumers are active at all times. Such tech advancements and innovations undoubtedly have a positive impact on the economy.

There is also increasing acceptance of contactless payments and a cashless society will gradually see the light of day. Globally the payment sector is moving towards a stronger system where banks, merchants and service providers will work in synch to deliver greater services and benefits to the consumers with technology being the backbone to this system.

Millennials are increasingly using mobile wallets. Apart from the convenience of the mobile wallet, the payment system is more often linked to consumer incentives which include discounts and loyalty programs and enhances the customer experience.

With increasing number of security breaches being faced these days, how do companies like yours manage to keep up with data security and privacy measures?

Payments are becoming increasingly digital and with players like Samsung/ Apple (Mobile Manufacturers), Card Manufactures, Mobile Wallets, e-Wallets, etc. Currently most consumers prefer to trust the traditional players such as banks to share the most information as long as they ensure that there is highest level of protection. Though many feel that they should be responsible to be aware of the security and data privacy policies, others feel that it should be the responsibility of the government and other private players to protect such data. Today, there is rapid digitization and there is a need to ensure security of customer data and as a payments technology company we make sure that we follow all security standards to ensure data security of highest levels.

What is the primary challenges being faced within the payments sector?

With digital payments, there are 2 major challenges that are being faced.  First is ‘ACCEPTANCE’ of new and existing technology and second is ‘SECURITY’. These are challenges that the industry as a whole is facing when it comes to providing a complete digital payment ecosystem. Data security is a major concern for all parties involved –financial institutions, third party service providers and account holders. Moreover, whether it is Big Data or IOT, compliance plays a critical role. We make sure that we are absolutely ready, before we go to market even if it would mean engaging with additional level of testing and R&D.

Unattended payments are gaining popularity; How do you view unattended payments market?

From having prominence in the retail market, unattended payments technology is evolving across new and unchartered waters including utilities, airports, transportation, parking, entertainment and lots more. The technology has a far reaching impact on customer service levels, and are cost saving and introduce new revenue opportunities. According to a research undertaken by Markets and Markets, the interactive kiosk market was valued at USD 20.37 bn in 2016 and is expected to reach USD 30.53 bn by 2023 at a CAGR of 5.69% between 2017 and 2023. Tech advancements in unattended payments have been making progressive strides not only for customers but also for service providers. Today the unattended payments solutions accept the most advance payments options that include EMV and NFC and even mobile wallets. In addition to large format stores that have been the early adopters to the method, smaller departmental stores and specialty stores will also gradually integrate with such payments solutions.

Could you elaborate on how OMA Emirates has been innovating with technology to enhance payments and allied services?

At OMA Emirates, we have been working very intensively on building a closed loop loyalty. After researching for a while, we began creating a network of closed loop payment platforms where everybody saves. With this platform, merchants won’t require to pay margins to banks. They can make use of a closed loop network and simultaneously leverage multiple marketplaces using their market presence.

Another area we have been innovating in is with bots. There’s a growing interest however most don’t know how it can be cost-effectively integrated within businesses. We are testing and trying to integrate it with our loyalty platform Benefit Beyond which is equipped with a payment gateway. The bot will keep a track of what a customer buys and goes on to act like a personal assistant by reminding the customer to pay utility bills, etc.

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OMA Emirates has been making focused efforts to build on the company’s customer portfolio and has made steady progress into the transportation, retail, and oil and gas sectors while strengthening its BFSI solutions over the last few years.


OMA Emirates, a provider of cutting edge technology solutions for the payment industry and National Parking Company (Mawgif), a parking management company, have provided a payment solution for parking at Dubai Airports.

This provides customers with an alternative payment option while delivering additional convenience and improved services which are smoother, faster and hassle free.

As one of the most esteemed professional parking management companies, Mawgif was looking towards strengthening their customer satisfaction levels with strategic technology enhancements. This comes at a time when Dubai is focused on improving services by providing great customer experiences.

The new technology now includes hardware and Point of Sale (POS) applications from OMA Emirates which comprises of Ingenico iSelf series that is an easy and unattended payment solution and reinforces Mawgif’s move towards encouraging self-service options for its customers.

“The GCC has been witnessing exponential growth in the transportation industry which demands huge parking space allocations along with additional requirements for parking across the cities. Concerned authorities are now working with reputed companies such as Mawgif to manage and provide quality services with a superior mix of technology in order to raise the customer satisfaction levels. It has been a privilege to work with Mawgif to deliver our payment solution package for the Dubai Airports project,” said Niranj Sangal, Group CEO, OMA Emirates Group.

“As a leading parking management company, we were looking to fortify our parking systems, but more importantly to focus on our customer-centric approach for our Dubai Airports project. It was important for us to work with a payment solution provider who is in a strong position to integrate hardware, software and payment applications in totality. With OMA Emirates, we see tremendous synergy in their solutions matching our requirements and providing service support as well,” said Hafiz Azzubair, chief operating officer, Mawgif.

The robust Ingenico iSelf series comprises of a combination of PIN Pad, Card Reader as well as Contactless Reader. The deployed terminals will boost Mawgif’s unattended payment solution by adding a cashless payment option by accepting EMV chip and PIN as well. The solution also meets with the high security standard requirements that are mandated and comply with all payment scheme contactless cards security requirements for credit and debit.

OMA Emirates has been making focused efforts to build on the company’s customer portfolio and has made steady progress into the transportation, retail, and oil and gas sectors while strengthening its BFSI solutions over the last few years.

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Our Group CEO, Mr. Niranj Sangal talks about how important are payments while creating a seamless experience and the disruptors of the payment industry

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OMA Emirates Group, a provider of cutting-edge technology for the payment industry will showcase its new and innovative technology solutions to visitors at Seamless Middle East 2018. The company will also demonstrate its range of products and solutions that cater to the banking and finance, transportation, retail and e-commerce sectors at the exhibition to be held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre on   April 15th and 16th at Stand E82 in Hall 4.

“With the growing demands for new technology, Seamless Middle East 2018 will be the perfect avenue for us to showcase our new range of products and solutions that are specially designed for the retail, hospitality and transport sectors.” said, Niranj Sangal, Group CEO, OMA Emirates. “The exhibition attracts the right audiences and we will also take the opportunity to talk about OMEGA – a closed looped payment network that we launched last year and enhanced customer experience by giving them the privilege of doing all omnichannel payments at participating outlets. This year we have introduced the On Us Network where people can use the same payment mechanism, have a lower MSF to the merchant and better customer experience,” Sangal added

The Middle East is seeing an increasing number of organizations building on their loyalty programmes, OMA Emirates will also showcase it’s ‘Benefit Beyond’ Market Place Solution that host multi loyalty programmes. The platform allows cardholders to avail of points across multiple outlets including airlines, supermarkets, entertainment, etc, and not restricted to redeeming points within the same store or chain of stores where the purchase is made. The team will also demonstrate its recently launched Benefit Beyond Mobile App and also showcase its additional services of Gift Card and Prepaid Card programs that have been added to the platform.

Another area of focus at Seamless Middle East 2018 will be the OMA Emirates’ home-grown NanoSwitch and Nano Perso solutions that tackle the needs of the banking and financial services for central and instant issuance requirements. A key demonstration area will highlight the digital banking solutions with displayed kiosks showcasing the flow of instant account opening and card personalization.

Increasing investments in payment technology by the banking and finance industry requires the in-depth knowledge and skills of professionals. To helping the industry focus on their core business OMA Emirates will have its trained staff take visitors through its Managed Services portfolio for the POS, showcase the MPOS Solutions and Unattended Terminals