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How RPA [Robotic Process Automation] changes the Fin-tech Digital force?

+2 votes
posted Apr 23, 2018 by Vivek Mishra

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would like to know the answer for same...

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I'm an uneducated guy, have never used a smart phone, wallet app and mobile INTERNET (There are more than 500 million Indians yet to experience the mobile Internet).
I don't have cash in my hand and need to pay to an Auto driver and the amount is 155 rupees. ATMs has 2000 and driver has no change with him. In few incidents there is no cash in ATM.
Please suggest me a mechanism which can settle this payment in less than a minute or just one minute and both need to be happy!
Please advise!

**I'm looking for inputs to add a betterment to what we want to build.****

Thank you all!

Arun Kumar